Thursday, February 18, 2010

Calox Sibutramina Clorhidrato Diet Pills Of Costa Rica Sibutramina Clorhidrato Calox Is It Safe To Use?

Diet pills of costa rica sibutramina clorhidrato calox is it safe to use? - calox sibutramina clorhidrato

My classmates have started taking diet pills, CA; sibutramine hydrochloride ed Calox found in Costa Rica .. FOM purchases a friend, go and buy it .. Has anyone on the pills to them for about ten days and lost 14 pounds to know on reduced their appetite ... everyone says not to take, because he did not know about it ... The friend who told him to buy his stomach shrunk. . So if you know a little about them, please let me know if this is safe?


Lava Tours said...

Hi Jarl,

Sibutramine hydrochloride is the active ingredient in Meridia Capsules C-IV manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and sold by prescription in the United States. This is a controlled and should be used only under medical supervision. It is a drug which helps obese people lose weight.

Your friend should not this medication without medical supervision.

Calox What is a laboratory of Costa Rica has a good reputation.

Anonymous said...

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